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Name Year Month DNB Archiv
Dendrobium officinale erstmals in Vietnam entdeckt 2023 2

Bulbophyllum gadsupiorum Cavestro et Kurt Metzger spec. nov., a New Species from Eastern Highland Province, Papua New Guinea 2023 1

Dalström, Stig: letter to the editor "Odontoglossum or Oncidium?" (Notes on Names 2022) 2022 11    
Nachbestäubungsphänomene bei Orchideen – oder der lange Weg des Pollens von der Bestäubung zur Befruchtung 2022 11

Dendrobium sanderae var. emilianum – A spectacular new variety of Dendrobium sanderae saved from extinction 2022 11

Ophrys apifera f. austroalsatica - An unusual new form of Ophrys apifera from the Alsace 2022 6

Paphiopedilum sandyanum – a New Species from the Moluccas in Indonesia 2022 5

Dendrobium naqii Cavestro spec. nov., a New Species from West Papua 2022 3

Cattleya lobata f. alba, eine attraktive Farbform aus Brasilien 2022 1

Dendrobium shixingense, erstmals in Vietnam gefunden 2022 1

Bulbophyllum retusum, erstmals in Vietnam gefunden 2022 1

Bulbophyllum japrii Cavestro spec. nov., a New Species from West Papua 2022 1

Phalaenopsis doweryensis f. flavocrameriana, eine neue Farbform aus Sabah 2022 1

Dendrobium poerwantii Cavestro – – a New Species from Papua 2021 10

Bulbophyllum baosangii – New Species of Bulbophyllum Section Brachyantha from Vietnam 2021 9

Bulbophyllum karreri Jenny et R. Amsler – a New Species from the Philippines 2021 8

Bulbophyllum calmialucii Cavestro – a New Species from Southern Papua 2021 7

Dendrobium kabanense Cavestro, a New Species from North Sumatra, Indonesia 2021 3

Dendrobium semendoense a New Species from Section Platycaulon (Orchidaceae: Dendrobiinae) from South Sumatera, Indonesia 2021 2

Cymbidium dayanum f. flavoviride, eine gelbgrüne Farbform aus Vietnam 2020 11

Bulbophyllum orthoglossum f. flavilabellum, eine neue Farbform 2020 10

Correction to Bulbophyllum wibawoajii Jenny et R. Amsler, a New Species from Sumatra 2020 10

Bulbophyllum wibawoajii Jenny et R. Amsler, a New Species from Sumatra 2020 10

Bulbophyllum antoi Cavestro, a New Species from Aceh Province, North Sumatra, Indonesia 2020 9

Dendrobium bandii Cavestro, a New Species from Aceh Provinc, North Sumatra, Indonesia 2020 8

Novitäten der Gattungen Dracula, Scaphosepalum, Trisetella und Zootrophion aus der Subtribus Pleurothallidinae 2020 8

Dendrobium gintingii Cavestro et Ormerod – a New Species from North Sumatra 2020 7

Phalaenopsis lueddemanniana f. crameriana, eine neue Farbform von den Philippinen 2020 7

Arachnis labrosa f. zhaoi, eine interessante Farbform aus Vietnam 2020 7

Maxillaria pseudopicta 2020 6

Bulbophyllum heidelbergianum, eine neue Art aus Papua-Neuguinea 2020 6

Dendrobium gayoense (Section Calcarifera, Orchidaceae), a new species from Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia 2020 6

Dendrobium kruiense subspec. alboflavum, a new subspecies from section Calcarifera (Orchidaceae, Dendrobiinae), from Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia 2020 6

Dendrobium moniliforme f. alboviolaceum, eine neue Farbform aus Vietnam 2020 5

Corrigendum zu Spathoglottis plicata forma alba 2020 5

Bulbophyllum margaritiphorum, eine neue Art aus Peru 2020 5

Additional character details for Cylindrolobus foetidus (Aver.) Schuit., Y. P. Ng et h. A. Pedersen in Vietnam 2020 4

Coppensia cipoensis and Coppensia meyeri, two new species from the Serra do Cipó (Minas Gerais, Brazil) 2020 4

Bulbophyllum dodikii Cavestro, a New Species from Northeastern Papua 2020 4

Dendrobium kyrae Handoyo, O’Byrne et Cootes, (Sektion Distichophyllae, Orchidaceae), a New Dendrobium Species from Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia 2020 3

Bulbophyllum trichosalpinxoides, eine neue Art aus dem indonesischen Teil von Neuguinea 2020 3

Habenaria hermannjosef-rothii, a new rhizomatous terrestrial orchid from montane forests in Nyungwe National Park, Rwanda 2020 2

Polystachya kathrinae und Polystachya maculata ssp. muloloensis – Two New Epiphytic Orchids from Kahuzi-Biéga National Park, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and its Surroundings 2020 2

Spathoglottis calcicola Handoyo, Cootes, Raynalta et Victoriano (Orchidaceae) – a New Species from Sulawesi/Indonesia 2020 1

Dendrobium albopurpureum f. album, eine neue Farbform aus Vietnam 2019 12

Schoenorchis phitamii f. alba, eine neue Farbform aus Vietnam 2019 12

Spathoglottis plicata f. alba, eine neue Farbform aus Vietnam 2019 12

Transfers to Odontoglossum based on Morphology (Orchidaceae; Oncidiinae) 2019 11

Paphiopedilum trungkienii, eine neue Art aus Vietnam 2019 5

Bulbophyllum claviforme, a new species from Vietnam 2019 5

Bulbophyllum thydoii, a new species from Hon Ba Nature Reserve in Vietnam 2019 4

New records of three miniature orchids from Phu Quoc National Park, Vietnam 2019 4

Bulbophyllum macranthum f. alboviride, eine neue Farbform – in Vietnam gefunden 2019 4

Lepanthes elusiva – a New Species of Lepanthes (Orchidaceae: Pleurothallidinae) from Tapantí Area in Cartago, Costa Rica 2019 4

Zwei neue Farbformen von Bulbophyllum retusiusculum in Vietnam gefunden 2019 3

Hoffmannseggella × meyeriana – a new natural hybrid from Serra do Caraça (Minas Gerais, Brazil) 2019 3

Paphiopedilum barbigerum f. duyduongii – eine interessante Farbform aus Vietnam 2018 11

Dendrobium candidissimum Cavestro et J. Champion – a New Dendrobium Species (Orchidaceae, Dendrobieae) from West Sulawesi in Indonesia 2018 10

Paphiopedilum villosum (LindL.) Stein var. laichaunum Hai et Tuan, eine neue Varietät aus Vietnam 2018 10

Arundina graminifolia (D. Don) HocHr. forma alba, eine interessante Farbform einer sehr variablen Art aus Vietnam 2018 8

Cattleya × dolosa f. coerulea, eine neue Farbform dieser schönen Naturhybride aus Brasilien 2018 8

Holcoglossum phongii (Aver.) Aver. et O. Gruss f. album, eine neue Albino-Form aus Vietnam 2018 8

Dresslerella crista-galli, Dryadella speculifera, Scaphosepalum corniculatum, Trisetella deburghgraevei, Trisetella rollingstonesiana - Fünf neue Taxa aus verschiedenen Gattungen der Subtribus Pleurothallidinae 2018 8

Bulbophyllum isabellinum Cavestro et J. Champion – a New Species of Bulbophyllum (Orchidaceae, Dendrobieae) from Central Kalimantan in Indonesia 2018 6

Phalaenopsis × lotubela, eine neue Naturhybride der Gattung Phalaenopsis von Sumatra 2018 6

Paphiopedilum agusii forma alboviride, eine neue Farbform einer kürzlich beschriebenen neuen Art von Java 2018 5

Paphiopedilum × aspersum var. trantuananhii O. Gruss, Aver., C. X. Canh et N. H.Tuan, A new variety of a natural hybrid of the genus Paphiopedilum from Vietnam: 2018 4

Taeniophyllum halmaheranum Cavestro et J. Champion - a New Species of Taeniophyllum (Orchidaceae, Aeridinae) from Halmahera, Indonesia 2018 3

Bulbophyllum jayjayveeanum, Bulbophyllum nazrii, Two new Bulbophyllum species from Peninsular Malaysia 2018 3

Thrixspermum nicolasiorum – a New Species of the Subtribe Aeridinae (Orchidaceae; Vandeae) from the Philippines 2018 3

Paphiopedilum sect. Pumila - A new section of the genus Paphiopedilum with an extraordinary species 2018 2

Liparis atrosanguinea Ridl. (Orchidaceae) - A New Record for Vietnam in Phu Quoc Park, Kien Giang Province 2018 1

Coelogyne benkii Cavestro (Orchidaceae) - A New Species from Western Sulawesi in Indonesia 2018 1

Bulbophyllum declinatum Cavestro et R. Wibawa – a New Species from West Java/Indonesia 2017 12

Pseudolaelia diamantinensis und Pseudolaelia blahae - Two new Pseudolaelia species from the Diamantina region, Minas Gerais, Brazil 2017 12

Dendrochilum marknaivei spec. nov. Cootes (Orchidaceae), a New Species from the Southern Philippines 2017 11

Encyclia × breueriana nothospec. nov. V. P. Castro et Speckmaier – eine Encyclia- Naturhybride aus Rondônia, Brasilien 2017 11

Ophrys apifera Huds. var. jenensis H. Voelckel et E. Theel, a new variety of the wellknown Bee Orchid – Ophrys apifera (Orchidaceae) – from Thuringia/Germany 2017 10

Bulbophyllum amorosum spec. nov. (Orchidaceae): a small new species from Bukidnon, Philippines 2017 10

Review of the genus Thrixspermum in Hon Ba nature reserve, Vietnam 2017 10

Campanulorchis globifera var. alboflava – a New Variety of Campanulorchis globifera (Rolfe) BRiegeR from Hon Ba Nature Reserve, Vietnam 2017 10

Euphlebium papilionaceum Cootes et M. A. Clem. spec. nov. – A New Name for a Well-Known Orchid from the Philippines 2017 7

Bulbophyllum nafisae Cavestro spec. nov. (Orchidaceae; Dendrobieae): A New Bulbophyllum Species from West-Java, Indonesia 2017 7

Macroclinium pupulinianum, Macroclinium undulatum, Macroclinium opimum - Drei neue Mitglieder der Gattung Macroclinium 2017 6

Cylindrolobus uninodus P. O’Byrne et J. J. Vermeulen spec. nov. (Orchidaceae), a Strange New Species from Sulawesi 2017 6

Neue Farbformen der Gattung Phalaenopsis Blume: Phalaenopsis bellina (Rchb. f.) Christenson forma caerulea O. Gruss et S. Tönne forma nova Phalaenopsis bastianii O.Gruss et Roellke forma helvola O. Gruss et S. Tönne forma nova Phalaenopsis tetraspis Rchb. f. forma livida O. Gruss et S. Tönne forma nova 2017 5

Die Vielfalt des Paphiopedilum gratrixianum – Paph. daoense Komplexes in Indochina 2017 5

Paphiopedilum curtisii (Rchb. f.) Stein f. sanderae (Curtis) O. Gruss et Perner comb. et stat nov. Korrekter Name für eine wohlbekannte Farbform 2017 5

Paphiopedilum concolor (Lindl. ex Bateman) Pfitzer var. trungkienii Aver., O. Gruss, C. X. Canh et N. H. Tuan, eine neue Varietät einer gut bekannten Art aus dem Norden Vietnams 2017 5

Calanthe siargaoensis M. D. De Leon, naive et Cootes spec. nov. (Orchidaceae; Epidendroideae; Collabieae): a New Orchid Species from the Philippines 2017 5

Bulbophyllum pleurocrepis J. J. Vermeulen, J. Cootes et M. Perry spec. nov. , a new species similar to Bulb. lobbii Lindl. and Bulb. facetum Garay, Hamer et Siegerist 2017 4

Schoenorchis phitamii spec. nov. Aver., a New Ornamental Miniature Orchid Species from Southern Vietnam 2017 4

Bulbophyllum rubusioides Naive, M. D. De Leon et Cootes spec. nov. and Bulbophyllum tsekourioides M. D. De Leon, Naive et Cootes spec. nov., Two New Species of Bulbophyllum Thouars (Orchidaceae) from Bukidnon, Philippines 2017 3

Grastidium ginalopeziae Cootes, M. D. De Leon et Naive spec. nov., a new Grastidium species (Orchidaceae) from Bukidnon, Philippines 2017 1

Dendrobium jimcootesii D. Cabactulan et M. D. De Leon, a new Dendrobium species (Orchidaceae) from the Island of Mindanao, Philippines 2016 10

Polystachya editae, a new and previously overlooked epiphytic orchid from Bururi Forest, Burundi, and the status of Polystachya poikilantha Kraenzl. and Polystachya leucorhoda Kraenzl. 2016 9

Cleisostoma iloconense (Orchidaceae) Calaramo, Cootes and Palting spec. nov. A new species from northwestern Luzon, Philippines 2016 8

Phalaenopsis pulchra forma alba O. Gruss und Phalaenopsis fasciata forma flava O. Gruss et Kleefeld - Zwei neue Farbformen von den Philippinen 2016 7

Tridactyle hurungweensis (Orchidaceae) W. Fibeck spec. nov. A new species from northern Zimbabwe 2016 7

Phragmipedium longifolium forma album Gruss et Koopowitz forma nova A new colour form from Ecuador 2016 6

Paphiopedilum philippinense var. compactum forma aureoviride O. Gruss, eine neue Farbform 2016 5

Bulbophyllum translucidum (Orchidaceae) Kindler, r. Bustamante et Ferreras spec. nov., a new species from the Philippines 2016 5

Paphiopedilum × tamphianum Aver. et O. Gruss - A new natural slipper orchid hybrid from southern Vietnam 2016 4

Dactylocamptis – eine Gattungshybride aus In-vitro-Nachzucht 2016 3

Holcoglossum phongii Aver. et O. Gruss – eine Orchidee aus Südvietnam mit neuem Namen 2016 3

Epicrianthes davidii Cootes et R. Boos and Epicrianthes sagemuelleri (R. Bustamante et KindleR) Cootes et R. Boos – Comparing Closely-Related Species 2015 12

Disperis stefan-jetteri, a new species from Volcano National Park, Rwanda 2015 11