Since it was founded in 1906, the top priority of the Deutsche Orchideen-Gesellschaft e.V. (D.O.G.) has been to promote orchid science and make it accessible to all interested parties.

The members already show how different the interest in orchids can be: The D.O.G. has almost 3,000 members worldwide – from the simple flower lover to the botanist, breeder and gardener. They all use the offers of the D.O.G. and get involved in the club’s goals.

Everyone contributes their part: Be it as a collector of orchid motifs on stamps or coins, as a cultivator on the windowsill, in the showcase or in your own greenhouse, or as a filmmaker or book author on orchids.

Even after more than 100 years of history, the German Orchid Society is still a lively association that enjoys an international reputation and maintains friendly contacts all over the world. For example, to the American Orchid Society or to the neighboring orchid societies of Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, among others.

Above all, the trade journal “Die Orchidee”, which is published every two months by the D.O.G. and which all D.O.G. members receive as a member’s magazine, is highly regarded. Not without reason: on 80 DIN A4 pages, the booklet offers well-founded information and brilliant image material for all orchid friends.

Furthermore, the D.O.G. supports and initiates symposiums and scientific reports on research into orchids, especially on sufficient propagation and conservation of all species, asymbiotic sowings, vegetative by division, site investigations through to site maintenance and cultural issues.

In order to raise public awareness of orchids, the members of the D.O.G. organize exhibitions to provide information about the entire variety of orchids and their respective requirements.

The Deutsche Orchideen-Gesellschaft e.V. is therefore a large association that takes great care of orchids and deals with them – and it does so on a completely voluntary basis. We invite everyone to support us in preserving these fascinating plants.


The society is currently managed by the following three persons, who were elected by the general meeting:

  • President Bernd Treder, responsibilities: management, D.O.G.-judging, exhibitions
  • Vice-President Monika Eckert, responsibilities: editorial management “Die Orchidee”
  • Vice President Franz-Josef Richardt, responsibilities: finances, membership administration, D.O.G. group accounts, management of the exhibition team

You can reach all three via the email address: dog@orchidee.de


The legal basis of the society is the statute, which can be viewed here.

The membership fees are based on the current membership fee regulation.