Member magazine “The Orchidee”

Are Phragmipedium schlimii, Phrag. fischeri, Phrag. andreettae, Phrag. manzurii and Phrag. anguloi really separate species? We will look into this question in the first issue of 2022. Of course, issue 1 of our members’ magazine also contains many other interesting articles on the subject of orchids, just have a look at ours Sample article or become a member. All DOG members receive 6 issues of our magazine “Die Orchidee” free of charge every year.

“Die Orchidee” is the bimonthly publication of the German Orchid Society, which all members of the association receive. It contains articles on all topics related to orchids and is one of the most renowned publications in this field in the world. In our magazine, those who are interested will find detailed travel reports from the natural habitats of orchids with high-quality site photographs, field reports on new cultivation methods, but also news from the taxonomy of orchids. Furthermore, the “Pages for Beginners” offer practical tips and tricks for newcomers, which are also readily accepted by experienced orchid lovers. If you want to get an overview of our magazine, you can read a sample article here or browse through the tables of contents of the years in which all articles are cataloged. A sample of the last special issue Evaluation is also available for viewing.

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Both the editors of “Die Orchidee” and the DOG online editors are always happy to receive articles. Please note the following information:

  • The data can be sent by e-mail or CD to one of the members of the editorial board.
  • The article should include at least one DIN A4 page, including pictures. Pictures should be included, preferably as completely unedited bmp/jpg files with the highest resolution.
  • The images should be photographed with the highest possible resolution of the camera.
  • There may be a note in the article as to where the images will be inserted (only applies to submissions for the magazine).
  • Please write the text flush left as a Word file, without formatting and without indenting or any numbering or bullets. Do not write in columns and do not include the images in this file.
  • Please number the images and use the same number when creating the caption. In the case of submissions for the online editorial team by e-mail, it is sufficient if the file names bear the text of the captions.
  • Please attach a portrait photo of the author and a brief mention, e.g. B. which favorite orchids the author cultivates or what connection he has to orchids (only applies to submissions for the magazine).

We have collected the annual table of contents of the magazine for you here: