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The fairytale-like displayed Cymbidium-Butterflies direct at the entrance to HALLE 1 (Photo: Thomas Lehmann)
Show Champion: Rhyncattleanthe Love Passion (Photo: Thomas Lehmann)

In HALLE 1 of the MESSE DRESDEN (Dresden Convention Center) during the popular Garden and Leisure Show “DRESDNER OSTERN” (Dresden Easter) the “Internationale Orchideenwelt” (International Orchid World), organised by the Deutsche Orchideen-Gesellschaft (German Orchid Society) took place from the 28th through the 31st of March 2019. With over 60 exhibitors this show is not only the largest in Europe, but also one of the largest worldwide. With stands set up with tender loving care, orchid lovers and orchid breeders from four continents brought together a superlative show with numerous rare and exotic plants, some of which were also available at the sales stands. In four days a total of over 55.000 visitors streamed through the halls of the MESSE DRESDEN. Hardly any of them eluded the sea of thousands of orchid blossoms in HALLE 1. The number of visitors reached the record levels of the past years, leaving all participants more than happy.

Before the gate opened at 10:00 on Thursday morning a long line had already formed at the entrance of the convention center and in just a few minutes the entire HALLE 1 was filled with visitors. At 11:15 the “Internationale Orchideenwelt” was officially opened by the Dresdner Messe director, Ulrich Finger, and from our Deutsche Orchideen- Gesellschaft president, Bernd Treder. The traditional Orchid Naming Ceremony, in which a new orchid cross is named, was presided over by Schlager-singer Christian Lais, who not only participated in the ceremony, but also provided the musical program on Friday afternoon. Before that, our “Orchid Doctor” Werner Holzmann answered all sorts of questions about orchid culture during his well attended “Consultation”. Also on Thursday, the orchid displays were judged by the Deutsche Orchideen-Gesellschaft judges who awarded medallions. In spite of the very high quality of the stands, unfortunately only three gold medallions were awarded. The D.O.G. groups Chemnitz and Hessen-Nassau, along with the display from Blumen Janke received their well-earned recognition. As Show Champion, two plants were chosen:

Show Champion: Rhynchostele rossii (Photo: Thomas Lehmann)
  • Rhynchostele rossii from the display by Orchideen Lucke,
    Owner: Jörg Frehsonke – Gold for Excellence of Culture and
    Show Champion
  • Rhyncattleanthe Love Passion from the display by Cramer
    Orchideen, Giselher Cramer – Gold for Excellence of Culture
    and Show Champion
Gold medallion for the display: D.O.G.-Group Hessen-Nassau (Photo: Thomas Lehmann)

If this show had had an “Audience Award” it would probably go to Orchideengarten Karge for the fairytale-like displayed Cymbidium-Butterflies direct at the entrance to HALLE 1. The individual Cymbidium flowers were hung by the hundreds on invisible threads and in fact appeared to be a swarm of butterflies, weightlessly floating over the visitors‘ heads. Hardly a guest was not moved to a smile. Additionally the owner of Currlin Ochideen, Franz Zeuner, and Rainer Janke of Blumen Janke set up a “Jungle Tunnel” together, directly behind the butterflies, which was a real visitor magnet attracting the curious from a distance with jungle noises. Muted lighting, lavish blossoms, and two snakes made for a very special atmosphere.

With the Judges’ and Exhibitors’ Dinner the first day ended pleasantly for most participants, although the show judges and assistants were busy until 10 pm until all results were in and counted.

Three interesting lectures were offered on Friday morning. Olaf Gruß began with “News on the genera Phalaenopsis, Paphiopedilum, and Phragmipedium . Especially spectacular were habitat photos of diverse new discoveries. Right after that, Lothar Becker carried the listeners away with
his slide show “Spring Orchid Season in Provence”. He brought his beautiful photos to life, which he took during a vacation in southeastern France, with fascinating anecdotes and interesting information. Lastly, Giselher Cramer, in his presentation “Exotics on the Windowsill, Vanda and it’s Culture” provided all kinds of tips and advice on indoor Vanda culture. After he left the stage he was surrounded by numerous listeners with questions, which he patiently answered.

The display of Blumen Janke got a gold medallion (Photo: D.O.G.)

As Christian Lais performed his songs onstage that afternoon, the “Tischbwertung” judging, an integral part of the show in Dresden, took place. Along with 20 judges from the Deutsche Orchideen-Gesellschaft who belong to the permanent judging team, 3 assistants and 3 judges from Hungary participated. Of the 3 assistants, each was accompanied by an experienced judge, one from Hungary and another from Colombia. In this respect it was an international judging team – fitting for an “International Orchid Show”. In total 50 plants were presented. Of them only one single plant received a gold medallion. 16 bronze were awarded and 26 silver. For Excellence of Culture a total of 12 plants were presented. Here again only one plant was convincing enough that the judges awarded a gold medallion. Nine silver and 2 bronze medallions were awarded to the remaining plants nominated for Excellence of Culture. Consequently the big winners of the “Tischbewertung” were:

  • Paphiopedilum Quiet Love “Baronja” Gold Medal in category
    Quality of Flower and Silver Medal for Cultural Excellence
  • Angraecum eburneum “Wössen” Silver Medal in Category Botanical
    Species and Gold Medal for Cultural Excellence
Angraecum eburneum “Wössen” Silver Medal in Category Botanical Species and Gold Medal for Cultural Excellence (Photo: Olaf Gruß)

A further highlight was the “Night of the Orchids” which on Friday evening attracted about 2.200 visitors from 7-11 pm. With attractive lighting and background music, an unforgettable atmosphere was achieved, leaving HALLE 1 with all of its displays and sales stands even more impressive. With a glass of champagne people met in the D.O.G. Info-Lounge where over the four days, 13 new members were recruited, and talked about God, the World, and especially Orchids.

In the 74th Members’ Meeting of the D.O.G. on Saturday morning over 100 members participated. Besides the usual reports from the board, it was also time to vote on the board. Monika Eckert, Bernd Treder and Franz-Josef Richardt all confirmed in their positions and so make up the board for the next three years. Congratulations! In addition we would like to congratulate Waltraud Meyer, Angelika Richardt, and Franz-Josef Richardt. They received the Golden Honorary Nedele for exceptional and exemplary volunteer service for the society. Among other measures members learned that the Deutsche Orchideen-Gesellschaft will include the EOCCE (European Orchid Congress Conference and Exhibition) in conjunction with “Dresdner Ostern”. A bid for the WOC 2026 (World Orchid Congress) was heatedly discussed. There were many comments from members. Not all of them were positive. However, the vote after the discussion delivered a clear result: The D. O.G. will develop a concept for the WOC 2026 and will bid on it. To date no one knows if our bid will be successful or if a financially feasible concept will be found. The majority of members did not want to leave the issue unattempted!

On the afternoon of the third day the members of the International Odontoglossum Alliance met for the first time in Europe to hold their Annual General Meeting. All D.O.G. members were invited to the four lectures.

The “Festbuffet” in the evening for members, exhibitors, and guests of the D.O.G. in the Kongresshotel provided great appeal. With food and drink people reflected on the day and had animated and amusing discussions with old friends and new.

On Sunday, the last day of the show, the sales stands were already partially half-empty, although numerous visitors streamed through the hall on this day. Late afternoon, the old and new D.O.G. President Bernd Treder awarded the shining trophies to the winners of the show judging. There were no additional programs on Sunday, which for the exhibitors, organizers and helpers who already had spent 8 days at the convention center was not a problem. After so many days of set up and show people were getting tired. And at 6 pm so ended the “Internationale Orchideenwelt” of the “DRESDNER OSTERN 2019” after four extremely successful days.

The Deutsche Orchideen-Gesellschafts thanks all exhibitors and vendors for the wonderful show stands, the entire A-Team for the many hours of set up, support and take down, the Messe Dresden for the smooth and uncomplicated cooperation, and the visitors for their interest!

Author: Thomas Lehmann

Translation: James Carpenter

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Olaf Gruß during his lecture on Friday (Photo: Thomas Lehmann)
The Jungle-Tunnel behind the Cymbidium-Butterflies (Photo: Thomas Lehmann)
Paphiopedilum Wössner Black Wings at the judging bench (Photo: Thomas Lehmann)
Phalaenopsis Fantasy Musick at the judging bench (Photo: Thomas Lehmann)